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Overall, I’m very satisfied with my final results. I’ve managed to lose fat while gaining muscle and improving my overall look, while also seeing modest strength gains, massive gains in my endurance, and beginning to build modest core strength, which has been a struggle in the past. I’ve accomplished everything I set out to accomplish with this program, and I’m very satisfied.


I enjoyed this program a lot. It never got boring. The strength gains were more than expected. I feel better overall health wise too. There were also a lot of challenges both mental and physical. A lot of exercises really pushed me to keep going and finish the sets and reps. I would suggest this program to anyone.

Thank you for the help on my journey to getting in the best shape of my life.


I wanted to take a second and thank you guys for all the support, info, and cooperation. Thanks to the 14-week Hybrid, I have made significant increases to all of my lifts. Unfortunately, I was faced with some lower body injuries that affected my lower body gains. Since completing the 14-week Hybrid, I am down to 266lbs and feel better and stronger than ever before. I know that you guys partner with 1st Phorm for supplements and nutrition. Since starting the 14-week Hybrid I have switched over to 1st Phorm for pre-workout and protein as well as their vitamin packs. I could not be happier with the quality of the products that I have received from them. Once again thank you for everything.


I must say the program was sort of fun, despite the real-world bodybuilders, those are brutal LOL. It definitely forced me to do a lot more cardio than I would have been doing on my own. My pants are pretty loose in the waist now and my shirts are a bit tighter, which feels good. Strength gains are through the roof compared to when I started really in every department, especially pull-ups. Again I wish I wrote all my weights down and everything but I was pretty much hitting PRs in everything this week including 225 on the bench which I thought would take a year, not a few weeks. I look forward to the arm blaster program which I will do sometime before summer. Thanks again guys and it was definitely worth the price.


I wanted to send you a thank you note. I was a client of yours a few years ago and while I got great results, I was not mentally or physically ready for the volume or intensity of the program. As life changes and we grow, I revisited your program a few months ago & was shocked. I gained strength & lost body fat (from 16% to 8%) in 10 weeks. I was able to push past my mental blocks which led to more clarity and focus.

Not to take up too much of your time, but again thank you.


Thanks for the training program and for showing me a different style of training or at least putting it all together and pushing beyond my self-given limitations. This program will strengthen your body and mind that’s for damn sure. Towards the end, I upped my calories/macros and it helped it is probably something I should have done early on or at least played around with. My weight stayed around 205 for the entire 12 weeks but I noticed decent fat loss, especially in areas I have stored it in the past. My strength and work capacity dramatically increased. The frequency in conditioning was something that threw me off a bit just because I was not used to it and not in the shape I should be in. In the past, I have separated my conditioning from strength training days but this was a good change and it kicked my ass. Because of time/family constraints, I had to move some of the training to a second session or an off day, I actually liked that it seemed like I pushed harder on the shorter sessions. I found myself fighting the urge to not push as hard with the conditioning for the sake of saving my energy for the strength/hypertrophy work but that was just a lazy fucking excuse, that is the muscle head in me trying to always get bigger.

Long story short I loved the program and the results, there is no other program like it. I will be looking forward to future programs you put out.


This training program has provided me with the best strength and health gains I've ever had. I am much more explosive and stronger than ever. I've never felt more confident in myself due to my increase in strength and size. My friends and family have also noticed my increase in size and definition. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to train me and I hope to train with you again in the near future.


I thought the program was great, especially for bigger guys all the explosive exercises and body weight work really help to lean us out and still build good strength. My weights on most things went up 30-50%, I can do a handful of pull-ups now and burpees/pushups have become very easy. I also didn't necessarily lose a lot of weight on the scale although 30lbs is substantial and my measurements all went down dramatically. My jeans are all unwearable even with a belt due to them being so baggy. I weighed in at 281 at the end but look and feel better than that. Definitely needed a break after to let my joints catch back up and looking forward to continuing the work. I thoroughly enjoyed the workouts and maybe at some point come back for another program.


I could never thank you enough for working with me. This has been extremely rewarding and challenging at the same time. I am very pleased to have lost 26 lbs!!!! and have gone down 4 sizes.. when I originally started I was wearing a size 12 almost 14...and I can now fit into a 8 (haven't been able to fit into an 8 in at least 6 years!!!!!


Training the past few weeks has been awesome and overall great. It's been a long 14 weeks but I'm definitely glad I did it. The workouts were always great and definitely worth it. I fit into clothes now that I haven't in the past 4 years. Those ones you keep in your closet because "one day I'll fit back into those" well now I actually do. My waist went from 39 to 33. I was sized for all my work clothes two weeks before I graduated from the academy and already had the pants completely taken in once from the waist all the way through the legs and now, I need to have it done again already lol. Although I wasn't as strict with the diet the past few weeks as I was the rest of the time, I was on the program I have a really good foundation to go back to. I eat a lot less, eat better quality and less crap when I wasn't doing what the diet called for, I cut out sugar and bad carbs completely. All I get is compliments from people on how good I look and how I "look like I've been working out." So the lifestyle change has been so worth it. I'll definitely be repeating what I was given over the past few months. Thank you! I was sick and tired of being fat. I look good and now I'm excited about my wedding in October. I was so worried about pictures and how disgusting my neck looked. But now I can't wait!


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