Urban Handgun Survival and Performance
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Urban Handgun Survival and Performance

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  • Summary

    This course is designed to cover the fundamentals and dynamics of carrying a concealed open carry handgun on a daily basis.This course is designed for the student with basic to advanced skills in proper handgun shooting fundamentals. The course will focus on the shooting and handling of a handgun in relation to its real world applications from a concealed/open carry holster, in an urban environment. The students will engage targets out to 15 yards with emphasis on situational awareness, counter ambush techniques against the human predator, multiple threat engagements and the human ability on visual reaction threat response and assessments. The students will be put through a series of physical and mental scenarios to test there ability to apply the fundamentals of shooting under physical and mental stress.

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  • Subjects Covered

    • Handgun Safety and Handling

    • Survival Mindset

    • Gear Selection and Placement

    • Fundamental of Marksmanship

    • Proper Draw/Presentations

    • Loading and Unloading Procedures

    • Target Identification

    • Use of Cover or Concealment

    • Multiple Target Engagement

    • Reloading/Malfunction Drills

    • Strong and Support Hand Shooting

    • Shooting Positions

    • Threat Assessment

  • Recommended Equipment

    Students will need at least 300 rounds of ammunition in 9 mm/40 or 45 caliber. AMMO MUST BE BALL OF FRANGIBLE (NO HOLLOW POINT)

    • Semiautomatic Pistol Chambered in 9mm /380/40 or 45 caliber with a
      minimum of 2 Magazines

    • Concealment Holster

    • OWB Holster

    • Handgun lubrication/cleaning kit

    • Comfortable (every day) Clothing with a cover garmet

    • Lunch and Beverages

    • Sunscreen (optional)

    • Small towel (optional)

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