Urban Action Carbine Level III
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Urban Action Carbine Level III

1-Day Course

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  • Summary

    This course is designed for the experienced student with knowledge and proficiency in proper carbine shooting fundamentals.
    The course will focus on the shooting and handling of a carbine in relation to its real world applications in an urban environment.
    The students will remediate fundamentals while engaging targets out to 100 yards. This tactical rifle training course emphasis is on shooting on the move during scenario-based drills, Practical shooting positions, rapid problem solving during threat engagements, 2 man tactics, and shooting moving targets.
    Upon completion of training for this course, the student must successfully qualify with an 80% or higher on the RealWorld Tactical carbine) (scenario based drills) shooting and handling proficiency test.

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  • Subjects Covered

    • Carbine Safety and Handling

    • Survival Mindset

    • Gear selection/placement

    • Fundamentals of Marksmanship

    • Zeroing (iron sights or optics)

    • Real world Shooting Principles

    • Loading and Unloading

    • Malfunction Drills

    • Proper use of Cover and Concealment

    • Multiple target engagement

    • Pistol Transitions

    • Practical Shooting Positions

    • Shooting on the Move

    • Problem solving during Threat Engagements

  • Recommended Equipment

    Students will need at least 400 rounds of ammunition (5.56), and 100 rounds of 9mm/40 and 45 caliber

    Required ammunition can be provided at students request just let us know at check out, in the comments section.

    • Semiautomatic pistol chambered in 9mm/40 or 45 caliber with at least 3 magazines

    • Sturdy Belt with Strong Side Holster and a Double Magazine Pouch

    • AR-15 Rifle with at least 3 Magazines

    • Tactical Sling (single or two point)

    • Lubrication/Cleaning kit

    • Eye and Ear protection

    • Ball Cap (optional)

    • Comfortable Clothing Suitable for Strenuous Activity

    • Elbow/Knee pads (optional)

    • Spare Batteries (optics)

    • Raincoat (optional)

    • Sunscreen

    • Lunch with a beverage

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