The Survival of Urban Chaos through Armed Tactical Solutions


sur·vive verb \sər-ˈvīv\

: to remain alive : to continue to live

: to continue to exist

: to remain alive after the death of (someone)


cha·os noun \ˈkā-ˌäs\

: complete confusion and disorder 

: a state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything

The ultimate goal in our firearms training is to provide our students with the tools and skills needed to survive a chaotic event in an urban environment. By a chaotic event, we mean an Armed Robbery, Active Shooter, an Attacker, or Armed Carjacker any event of complete confusion that is uncontrollable by the victim that could cause death or serious bodily harm. 

Our primary focus and belief in training for this type of traumatizing event is to train the mind, on how to quickly improvise, adapt, and problem solve using armed tactical solutions. We don’t train to make just great shooters we strive to teach on how to become the fastest thinker trained with a gun.

We also believe in providing the most up to date crime trends in urban territories. We base our constant changing curriculum on real world critical incidents through our urban operational experience.